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This web site was begun in 2004 by me, John Kennington, in reaction to the election that year, when Catholics were being instructed, often from the pulpit, on how to vote. Prior to that election Pax Christi sponsored a full page ad that ran in a number of national newspapers stating that "Life Does Not End at Birth" and called for Catholics to vote for the common good.


I felt that message needed to be heard here in Tulsa, so I took that ad and ran a version of it in the Tulsa World and several small community papers. Of course this was very expensive, and I raised the money to place it after contacting like-minded Catholics around the Diocese.


You can click here to view the ad


We wanted to have an place for readers of the ad to go for more information, and thus was born this web site.


Through most of 2006-2007 the site was mostly dormant, but now in 2008 I am resurrecting it as a place for progressive Catholics in our Diocese to share information about ALL the life issues that we as Catholics should be concerned about. I will also share information and news on efforts to reform our Church so it lives the Beatitudes and nonviolence as taught be Jesus himself.


The photograph at the top of each page is an icon of Mary taken by me at Santa Maria in Cosmedin (the church with the Mouth of Truth out front) in Rome, Italy.