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Pax Christi

Pax Christi is concerned with war and violence and the building of just structures.

A local Pax Christi group (affiliated with the Pax Christi national Catholic peace movement) meets from noon to 1:00 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month at Church of the Madelene.

Please contact Shirley Hogstyn, 266-4463 or Fr. Richard Bradley, 272-3080 for more information.


Epiphany Group

The Epiphany group is a Catholic interfaith community of those seeking to explore current issues affecting our Church and personal lives, prayerfully responding to our baptismal call with "fresh eyes, open hearts," by promoting social justice, educations and advocacy.


Meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. the second Monday of each month at various locations.

Please contact Mike Calnan at 496-3646 for more information.


Voice Of The Faithful - Tulsa

Our Mission is to provide a prayerful voice, attentive to the Holy Spirit, through which the Faithful can actively participate in the governance and guidance of the Catholic Church. Our goals are:

1. To support survivors/victims of abuse.
2. To support priests.
3. To shape structural change within the Catholic Church.

Since mid-2004, we have been working with Bishop Slattery in the design of a diocese-wide outreach program for survivors/victims of sexual abuse.


For more information please contact info@votf-tulsa.org


Tulsa Peace Fellowship

Tulsa Peace Fellowship is advocacy group which has united to break the endless cycle of violence and retaliation engendered by war. By conscientiously exploring peaceful options and just solutions, we hope to spare the lives of more innocent people affected by the violence throughout the world.


We have  many events including regular meetings, 2 weekly vigils, participation in parades, films, etc.

Please contact Nancy Moran at 747-4525 or at tulsapeace@hotmail.com for more information.


Oklahoma Student Union Peace Network

The OSU Peace Network organizes for an end to physical, social and economic violence caused by militarism, ideologies and other factors at home and abroad.


Please contact Leah Thorp at for more information.